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Perbezaan antara 'yourself' dan 'yourselves'

  • Jangan risau..kedua2 perkataan tersebut idak lah salah..cuma ia bergantung pada ayat atau subjek yg dituju..
    Cer bace..cer bace duluu...ini idak, main taram je hehehe...

    You would never say ourself, it would be ourselves because it is plural. In the case of yourself and yourselves, it all depends on if it is one person, or more than one.

    To your friend- "You should be ashamed of yourself!"
    To your class- "You should be ashamed of yourselves!"
    About you and your friends- "We should be ashamed of ourselves!"
      yourself is used for singular and yourselves for plural. Eg. help yourself with the drinks (used when it is referred to u alone). Help yourselves with the drinks (used when it is referred to u and ur friends). no such word as ourself only ourselves as it is referred to more than 1 person.
    Paham dak?hehe.. buat permulaan ni kita belajar yg simple2 dlu ok? :)


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