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Being and Been

Some writers occasionally confuse the words 'being' and 'been'. As a rule, the word 'been' is always used after 'have' (in any form; e.g. has, had, will have); whereas, 'being' is never used after 'have'.  'Being' is used after 'to be' (in any form; e.g., is, was, were).


 I have been busy.  

 Terry has being taking the stores to the shelter. 
('being' cannot follow 'has' or 'have')

Being as a Noun

The word 'being' can also be a noun.


 A human being  

 A strange being stepped out of the space ship. 

Being as a Gerund

The word 'being' can also be a gerund (which is a type of noun).


 Do you like being so ignorant?  

 The accident was caused by his being so clumsy.  

 I live in terror of not being misunderstood.  (Oscar Wilde) 


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