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Revealing The Awesome Cube!

Hi! i am in cube, its cool in here!
Happy Malaysia Day to all my readers. Did you guys celebrate that eventful day? A few days before that day, I saw this one Nuffnang advertisement that I found very interesting. They were referring to this Cube and I was eager to find out all about it. 

I was also eager to win the fantastic prize of the contest; which is a Blackberry Torch 9860! 

The video is so interesting that I nearlly shuffled myself after seeing this! Check this out and tell me, dont you like shuffling now? :)


So on Wednesday night me and my friends went to Red Carpet Avenue Encorp Strand, Kota Damansara, full of excitement to know about the Cube. Somehow, we got a little bit lost since we were not used to the area. But even then we were still very eager to go there as we heard that our favourite local artists such as Aizat, Bunkface, Reshmonu, Joe Flizzow and Atilia will also be performing there. Here's our chance to hear them sing live for FREE!

The performance that night was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It was hands down the best event I had ever been to. Everyone there was so happy and they were also singing along with the singers.

So happening!

The Cubes were actually fun and entertaining. This is because while I was at the event i could see the booths that are called Cube there was full of people wanting to play the games provided.

From that night, I learned some things about the Cube. It is actually Celcom's latest and coolest page that allows their clients to get free Call me tones and download your favourite songs! They also have a wide variety of games that we can all purchase for a very very minimum price! Refer to http://www.thecube.my/mdp/arcade.jsp

You're a fan of sports games? Fret not, Celcom definitely has thought about you guys too! Are you a Micheal Jackson lover?  Dont worry, you can download his images to be your screen savers! Refer to http://www.thecube.my/mdp/xtraz.jsp

Celcom also has something for the social media crazies out there! Just by RM1 per week, you can go crazy on Facebook! Catch up with friends and share all about your life in facebook by just paying RM1! Now isn't that wonderful? ;) Refer to http://www.thecube.my/mdp/social.jsp

So guys, go check them out NOW! 

For more information, you can all go to:

Click to The Cube's website
Get your dose of Call Me Tones, Songs, Mobile Games, Wallpapers and much much more! The Cube makes sure that you stay hip and cool and so be quick and get on it NOW!

I am currently hooked on buying the latest games offered there (I am a boy, after all, hehe). Thank you Celcom for The Cube! And thank you Nuffnang for the wonderful night! I truly had loads of fun!

P/s - I also met one beautiful girl at the concert and now we're getting to know each other. THANK YOU CELCOM AND NUFFNANG for this extra gift! :)

more info @:




  1. ko g beb? giler best..mesti happening giler

    amboi siap jumpa aweks sorg lagi tu..cecite cecite

  2. cube?? mundur betul la aku ni:( thanks sharingg^^

  3. tulah.
    ada jugak dengar crta ttg cube ni.
    dh feymes rupanya. hehe
    wah enjo sakan tgok perfomance =D

  4. wahh..siap dapat awek lagi..;)

  5. perghhhhh...dh mcm promoter & pengacara MTV dh si bobo ni..wish u good luck, hope u r the lucky one & hope nuffnang will choose u & dpt hadiah tuuuuu :)

  6. wow wow! surely the performances from the artist were great to be watched :))
    the cube is nice!

  7. oh neh sesuai tuk pengguna celcom la ek

  8. ooowwhh,,,...ingtkan ape lah the cube hri tu

  9. apa ni sbenarnye..? cam best je..

  10. wah imbobo skipping london.. hee..
    who thts girl? :)

  11. look happening!,but sekadar di pinggiran aje..

  12. ko taip sendiri ke entry orang putih ni..?

  13. @jue: yup aku pergi aritu..mmg happening! first time dapat tgk live dpn stage mcmtu hehe..

    @zul: pjg lebar aku explain ni hehe masuk website tu kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut :)

    @hj: mesti lah taip sendiri weh! :)

  14. who's dat beautiful lady....

    haha ;D

  15. cube? hurm lambat lg ika ni huhu


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