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Fun filled life with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

This is good news! LG will be launching their new Smart Tv on the 9th May 2012! The most exciting part is they will throw a PARTY on 5th May 2012 annnnd there will be 5 units of LG Blu-Ray Players, one Home Theather system and one spanking new 42” Cinema Screen LTV to be given out at the party!. I got this information from Nuffnang's website. For sure I want ALL that! HAHA

As i said, fun filled life with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV.

Watching the number one sport in the world in front LG Cinema 3D Smart TV surely will be different because just by sitting in front your TV, you will feel like you are there! Yes! You'll feel as if you are in the stadium!! :D
I will be able to shout at Rooney anytime! Booo. I am Liverpool supporter ok!  

Motocross is my favorite sport event. Watching the Championship through LG Cinema 3D Smart TV, for sure will bring more excitement to me!! Eventhough I am not Steven Frossard :p

With LG Cinema 3D Smart TV, it will excite all your senses including your sixth sense! Nope, i am not lying!

Come! Join me at the party!! See you there!

For more information, check it here : http://www.lg.com/my/tv-audio-video/televisions/televisions.jsp



  1. wow, enchik bobo boleh buat iklan kat tv dah ni..hehehe..

    saja singgah sni..smoga sehat selalu.

  2. wowowweee....semoga dapat tv tu kat party...pasni bole buat rumah tmpt tengok bola..hehehhee

  3. Good bye, sentimental friend :)


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