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Nuffnang Premiere Screening of The Amazing Spider-Man

Superpower that i want to get is frog. Why do i choose frog? Obviously frog is much more cuter than Spider! HAHA. Here are the points:

1. Frog can jump form one place to another quickly but Spider needs a tall buildings to depend on.

2. Frog has a long tongue as their main weapon that multifunction. It can hog bad people and throw them far away.

3. Some of the frogs can turn into invisible depending on the environment surrounding them, some of it can change their body colour and some can be bigger than their actual size. Of course my superhero have all the characteristics that i mention hehe. Cool right? Its not easy to defeat!

Introducing to you *drumroll* 

The Frog......... Hey! dont laugh at my superhero okay? That is not nice! Please dont underestimate him, you have no idea how big his contribution will be to people soon.

He looks kinda cute in his uniform right? But i wonder how does he look when he smile? 



  1. euwwww geli la! kalau aku tau tadi memang aku xnak bukak entry ni. haha

  2. wahhh. bestnya superpower yang ni!. like katak. putera katak pun boleh bertukar jadi putera ensem. suka lah katak..:)

  3. kenapa mesti katak...haha~

  4. tengok katak teringat xperimen sains..

  5. eww , Nurrul geli sama katak ! ! !
    teringat experimen tahun lepas !


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