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ONE of LG’s new Cinema 3D Smart TVs : LM9600

Have you read my past blog post about LG's party? You should read it first as appertizer before you continue to read this entry :)

Now, are you ready to know interesting things about LG Cinema 3D Tv? 

See the Smart TV shape from different view HERE

Cinema Screen Design

If you want ultimate simplicity for complete and immersive viewing, you should choose LG Cinema 3D tv. Because its bring cinematic viewing experience to your home which designed with pure inspiration and cutting-edge technology. This is WOW factor!

Comfortable 3D Glasses

I agreed with LG which competitors can not match this stylish designs. Moreover its more comfortable for our eyes, with no flickering in the images. It's easier on the eyes, while providing clear and crisp 3D pictures with no blur.

Dual Play

For me, this is one of the best function, i can enjoy two-player gaming on 55' tv screen without having to split the screen! This is FANTASTIC!

Magic Remote

Dont be shock! This remote has same function with Harry Potter stick. HAHA. Yeah! You can set the voice-command on a TV remote. I am not joking okayyy. This is the most convenient and advance TV remote. There are 4 magic functions.

Poiting - You can just simply pointing and click
Gesture - You can make simple gesture for complex commands and save time.
Wheel - You can scrool up dan down just like a mouse stick.
Voice - function availability differs by region.

Home Dashboard  

This Home Dashboard  comes with an improved design and look, more simplicity, and more room for customization. You can see all the menu on one screen! This is GREAT!

2D to 3D

Dont worry about lack of content anymore! as you can see the fish come out from the tv after you convert, so, just imagine if you watching Jason Mraz Concert? He will come out from the tv and seating next to you! hehehehe :) 

Premium Content

With LG Cinema 3D Smart TV, all your family can seat in front the tv to watch, hear and talk to beloved ones and experience hours of priceless moments. This much easier, cheaper and more enjoyable. Sound interesting right?? :)

Universal Search
Just type in any keyword you are looking for, and it will dig up VOD content, broadcast material, and online videos from youtube. The best search function ever will enrich your entertainment.

Kpop Zone
If you're a K-Pop fan, LG brings a really exciting and unique offer, the K-Pop Zone, for endless entertaintent. You can meet your favorite celebrities on demand in 3D, re-watch your favorite K-Pop shows, interviews and concerts, and even indulge in exclusive, unaired content that can't be found anywhere else!

Social Center
Just like a smart phone, LG Smart TV also offers SNS with Social Center, an app that you can use to tweet or facebook your friends while watching TV! It will be like watching TV with your friends, no matter where they are. Thats COOL right?

Life's Good with LG products!

You can review more features at this link:

For more information refer LG's website : http://www.lg.com/my 

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    1. kalau ade rezeki satu hari nanti, beli lah satu hehe

  2. wah.. bestnya kalau dapat tv ni satu secara FREE.. ehe

  3. WOW. kalau dapat satu ni best..

  4. mmg puas hati la lau dapat ni.. hehe

    1. mesti lah kan..canggih betul function die :)

  5. gempak bro.. awsome.. haha dpat satu kompem x kuar rumah r..

    1. memang mengadap tv jelah kan haha

  6. this is great with awesome functions.

  7. Perghh sponser ke ni? ;p

    Btw brape la agaknye harga die eh? Utk multi function mcm ni. Tp apa2 pon sll nya LG masih reasonable price die drp sony n panasonic. Cool la LG. Mmg suka.

    1. harga dia berpatutan dengan function die hehehe
      boleh refer kat sini http://www.lg.com/my

  8. fuyohhhh canggih giler tv ni.. kalau aku dapat satu ni perghhhh!!! sakit ati!!

    1. eh? kenapa sakit hati ni?

  9. mintak blanje sbijik..hhaha

    1. hehe nak belanja xdpt lah :)

  10. cnggih giler klu dpt sambar satu.. hehehe buat lah GA ni BOBO.. hihihi

    1. doakan saya dpt GA ni, nanti saya buat GA untuk blogger :)

  11. wooohh!!! canggihh! nantilah.. 4 taun akan dtg baru dpt beli kot hahha

    1. 4 tahun akan dtg? kenapa lama sgt? beli esok jelah haha

  12. goodluck to you bro.. :D


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