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Astro On The Go Live Explorer Awesome!

As i mentioned in my previous entry, i was lucky to be selected to join astro on the go live explorer last saturday at Sunway Piramid. That was a good experience to me because it is my first time joining explore race. Thankful it was not like amazing race but i swear it made me tiredddd.

Eventhough we lost,i wanna say thank to my partner because she tried her best for our team. Miss Aidazura. Thank you girl! ;)

Sooo.. do you know what  was the best thing in this event? guys, what do you think when you join explore race in the MALL? haha of course soo many people look at us and made me feel like a celebrity. hehe.. 

Then, we experienced all the activities at each checkpoints. We need to play ball balancing or timbang bola, answer questions and runnn. thankful that we have ipad complete with internet conection. With it we manage to pass the challenges. It helped us a lot. Apa-apa pun kami enjoy dekat setiap booth!

Congratulations to all the winners.. You all memang bertuah! :)

I can foresee myself since i take public transport everyday to work, i will utilise it then. Its so boring waiting to arrive at my station but with astro on the go it will make me feel like the ride is just in a blink of an eye. I will get to meet my favourite celebrities during the ride, all thanks to astro on the go..

Lets check it out...

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  1. kena subscibe astro on the go terus pasni.. he he..

  2. dah lama tak layan TV... :(

  3. perghh.. dah mcam artis skrang bobo..? tahniah3

    1. haha xde lah artis sangat hehe


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